Can I Rent a Car and Drop it Off in Another State?

It's possible to rent a car from one location and return it to another, but certain restrictions apply. Yes, you can rent a car one way out of state. In the United States, it's common to pick up rental cars with license plates from different states (they must have gotten there somehow, right?). However, generally speaking, rental companies also charge an additional one-way rental fee depending on the distance between delivery and pick-up, since they will have to return it to its original city.

This way, the further away you go from the pick-up address, the more expensive the fee will be. Yes, you have the option of taking your Avis car rental vehicle out of state. Don't hesitate to explore the metropolitan areas that cover several states or take long road trips across the country. Keep in mind that if you are leaving the vehicle somewhere else (inside or out of state), some restrictions and fees may apply. In general, the rental vehicle can only be used in the state in which it was originally picked up. This means that it can be left in the same state, either at the same pick-up location or at a different location in the same state.

There are specifications and limitations related to how you use your rental vehicle to cross state lines. If you've already booked a rental and want to change the delivery location, call Budget at 800-527-7000. Most of their rental vehicles come with unlimited mileage, in addition to some high-end luxury groups. Your car rental will most likely have unlimited mileage. Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from John F.

Kennedy International Airport to locations outside the airport include Advantage, Budget, Avis, Dollar, Hertz, Alamo, Thrifty, Enterprise, Payless and National. If you sign the rental agreement and deliver your vehicle to a location other than the one agreed upon, you will be charged a one-way delivery fee, in addition to all other charges. However, you may be able to drive a U. S.

rental vehicle from U. to Mexico if you return to the U. S., as long as you meet certain conditions. National Car Rental offers a solid roundtrip car rental agreement that allows you to rent the vehicle in one location and deliver it to another. Don't worry about going anywhere you want with a weekend rental included with unlimited miles.

The Budget Additional Driver Policy states that additional pre-authorized drivers must be your spouse or domestic partner, a co-worker or employer, or an accompanying driver of a renter with a disability. Additional charges will apply if you attempt to leave the rental at a new location without prior authorization from Budget. Avis is one of the best car rental companies that exist both for driving across state lines and for traveling unlimited miles. If there is a reservation in your name for a one-way rental and the state is any state other than the pickup state, the above restrictions will not apply. Car rental companies at LaGuardia Airport include Advantage, Sixt, Avis, Dollar, Hertz, Thrifty, Payless and Empire Rent A Car.

Rental companies usually charge a return fee but it depends on the pick-up and return location, reservation date, category of vehicle and more.