Which Car Rental Company is Better: Alamo or Enterprise?

The car rental industry is full of options, but two of the most popular companies are Alamo and Enterprise Holding. Both are reliable and legitimate, but Enterprise has some advantages that make it the better choice for many customers. Alamo has been around since 1974, so it has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent customer service and competitive rates. It also offers lower second-driver rates than other car rental companies.

When it comes to business travelers, Enterprise is the better option. It offers corporate contracts, a wide selection of special vehicles, reserved exit lanes, and more. Plus, it has a four-level loyalty program called Enterprise Plus that rewards customers with discounts and upgrades. Alamo is the go-to choice for vacationers.

It's the largest car rental company for international travelers visiting North America and allows customers to check in online and skip the counter. However, its presence is much smaller than Enterprise's, with only around 250 offices in the United States. When it comes to pricing, Enterprise's rates tend to be higher than Alamo's. But its optional extras like child seats and GPS units are usually cheaper than its competitors'.

In the end, the best car rental company for you depends on your preferences and needs. If you're looking for a reliable company with a wide selection of vehicles and loyalty rewards, Enterprise is the way to go. But if you're on vacation and want to save money on second-driver fees, Alamo is the better choice.