Can You Drop Rental Cars Off at Different Locations?

Yes, you can return the vehicle to another location. This is generally referred to as a “one way rental”. However, keep in mind that sometimes an additional fee may apply to your reservation. Locations that offer this one way service usually only charge an additional fee for mileage or a single “delivery charge” for the service itself. There are two situations in which you return a rental car to a different location than where you picked it up.

Companies like Hertz and Budget offer one-way rental options only at select locations and charge a fee for this service most of the time. Hertz is a giant in the car rental industry and has won numerous awards for its service and impressive fleet of vehicles. The charges for returning the car to a different location will be included in the general rental rate. Additional charges will apply if you attempt to leave the rental at a new location without prior authorization from Budget. Family illnesses, itinerary changes, or diverted flights are situations that may force you to return a car to another location.

If you decide that you want to pick it up at one location and drop it off at another, you should contact a Budget booking agent at 800-527-7000. With more than 60 years in the car rental industry, they have become synonymous with friendly service and excellent value for money. You can also rent a car in Atlanta, Georgia and drive one way to Savannah for a romantic city to city road trip filled with Southern hospitality. If your plans change and require you to leave a car in an unplanned location, call the car rental company right away. If you've already booked a rental and want to change the delivery location, call Budget at 800-527-7000.

During certain times of the week and year, Hertz will also offer special offers on one-way rentals, where tenants can receive the car at a discount of 10 to 20%.These rentals offer unlimited mileage, although they may have restrictions on certain vehicles, specifically on larger vehicles, such as the issuance of visas and vans. However, you may be able to drive a U. S. rental from U.

to Mexico if you return to the U. See the conditions for U. rentals in Mexico Department of State.