How long can i keep a rental car?

With a long-term rental from Enterprise, you can rent a car for as long as you need, whether for several weeks, a month or longer. In addition, there is no mileage limit for most vehicle classes. See our Unlimited Mileage FAQ page for additional information and exclusions. In general, the rent refund states how long the car can be kept.

Generally, a person can keep the rental vehicle for five days after receiving a settlement or longer if their case involves a wrecked vehicle. In most cases, an insurance company will rent a car and cover the expenses on its own so that the driver doesn't have to pay out-of-pocket costs. Unfortunately, that's the case for most companies where a person's own insurance company doesn't resolve a vehicle incident comparable to a rental car. Generally, the driver's insurance company doesn't have the option to add rental coverage immediately after an accident.

If someone has rental coverage through their own insurance company, their representatives will help you rent a car. That insurance company will establish liability by investigating and evaluating the wreck to determine if it will authorize a rental vehicle. It's hard to say, but in most cases, not even a person's own insurance company cares about their car rental claim. In most cases, rental coverage cannot be added immediately after a person has had an accident to cover the current accident.

Most car rental companies require a cash deposit or a credit card to protect the car the person hires during the rental period. If someone has been involved in a car accident and must deal with the at-fault driver's insurance company, it's best to call the company for help with any rental car or personal injury issues. In addition to the “program cars” option, the car rental company can withdraw the manufacturer from negotiations and directly sell the cars at a wholesale auction. The policy can pay the maximum amount within restricted time limits when an insurance company for negligent drivers fails to pay rental costs or repair costs.

The party that pays the rent is the one that determines the type of rental vehicle, and with good reason. This means that an extended rental period must be covered by the person's own insurance or by the at-fault driver. If a person who had an accident wants to rent a car from a rental company, they're going to need a few things. Only the person who rents the rental car can drive it, which is indicated in the signed documentation once the rental car rates are established.