Can i rent a car with a prepaid debit card?

Yes, you can usually use a debit card, a prepaid card, or even cash to rent a car. However, each rental company has its own rules on acceptable payment options, which often vary by location, and not paying with a credit card usually has certain consequences. Both Enterprise and Hertz allow you to use a prepaid card to pay for your vehicle rental. Some Enterprise locations accept cash payments and money orders only for final payment, while others allow you to secure the rent in this way.

Hertz only accepts prepaid cards for final payment. You'll still need to provide a credit or debit card upon check-in to guarantee your rental. Keep in mind that this may not work abroad, where the acceptance of prepaid cards is extremely limited. Choose a way to receive your verification code.

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You can rent a car without a credit card at most Avis locations. An accredited Avis credit card must be presented at time of rental. Offices will accept debit cards to determine credit worthiness at the time of rental. Tenants must also meet the Avis minimum criteria in order to rent.

Offices in Canada do not accept debit cards as a form of credit identification when picking up a rental vehicle. If you use a debit card to pick up your rental vehicle, Avis will generally request an authorization to hold the estimated rental charges in your account. This hold is made shortly after your card is presented. Avis reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to request an additional value based on certain factors, as it deems appropriate.

THESE FUNDS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR USE. When the rental of the vehicle ends, the funds held will be canceled and released, but keep in mind that it may take a while for banks to deposit them into the account. If you don't return the vehicle as agreed, Avis will obtain additional authorizations from your account to cover rental costs. These charges may include (but are not limited to) cleaning fees and fees for extending the rental period.

Avis is not responsible for returned checks or overdrafts under this policy. This policy applies to both EE. UU. Positive identification may be required in addition to your driver's license.

And at offices in Canada, renters must present a credit card at the time of rental for all Avis Select series vehicles and for certain other premium vehicles. Debit cards are not accepted for renting premium vehicles. Some Avis locations do not accept debit cards when renting any vehicle, including locations in the New York metropolitan area of the three states, Hartford, CT, the Philadelphia, Mississippi or Louisiana area, and other locations across the country. Offices in Canada do not accept bank debit cards as a form of credit identification.

Debit cards are accepted for payment at the end of the rental. All policies on this page apply to both the U.S. Your corporate discount code is not valid. Ask your travel manager to verify the discount code in SAP Concur.

Indicating your age allows us to provide you with a more accurate rental quote. Restrictions and fees may apply to underage drivers. Providing your country allows us to provide you with a more accurate rental quote. Select the Avis Attendee Number option to enter both your Avis attendant number and your last name Select the discount code option to enter an AWD (Avis worldwide discount), a coupon code or a rate code.

These are the available options that can be redeemed. The connection failed or an error occurred. In some places, debit cards or prepaid credit cards are not accepted when you pick up the rental car, but they are accepted as payment when you return the vehicle. See the required credentials for information on the required rental collection holds.

If the renter made the reservation for the rental online, the name printed on the credit card presented by the tenant must match the name reserved for the online transaction and the identification presented. The credit or debit card presented at the counter must be identical to the one used to make the Pay Now reservation. While you can pay your rent with a debit card, in some places you still need to present a credit card to guarantee your rent. You'll face some obstacles (additional identification requirements, limitations on the cars you can book, and even a credit check), but it's possible.

If you are entitled to a refund, the branch will release the funds once the vehicle is returned and the rental agreement is closed. You should also check the location rules first (see instructions below), as some locations don't accept debit cards when you pick up the vehicle. The company will not be responsible for the use of online-only virtual credit cards or any other type of single-use card number, security product, or single-use credit card number that credit card companies may provide for online transactions. For online reservations, the number and name printed on the presented card must match the name and number stored for the online reservation.

Avis offices accept debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo as credit identification at the time of rental if you are at least 25 years old. National offers several flexible payment options for customers, including credit and debit cards and prepayment. A major credit card is a card that is backed by a predetermined line of credit, and not by a bank account or a prepaid balance. If you don't meet these criteria, you can pay your rent with a debit card if you present a credit card at check-in.

When renting with a debit card, National won't allow you to add additional drivers to the reservation, which can be inconvenient if you're on a long road trip. Most importantly, you'll give up primary rental coverage, which is something you normally have to pay, but you get a benefit with a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. . .